AI Shows Promise in Enhancing Medical Care, Study Finds

Physicians at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City have utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor patients in their “step down” units, where patients require close observation but not intensive care. The AI systems monitored vital signs, heart rhythm, laboratory results, and nurse observations. Patients were divided into two groups, with one group monitored by AI and the other by traditional methods.

When the AI detected signs of potential clinical deterioration, it alerted the rapid response medical team to recommend appropriate therapy. The study found that patients monitored with AI were 43% more likely to receive medications supporting the heart and circulatory system compared to those monitored traditionally. Additionally, the AI-monitored group had a lower mortality rate after 30 days (7%) compared to the traditionally monitored group (9.3%).

Dr. David Reich, the senior study author, referred to these AI tools as “augmented intelligence” that accelerates in-person clinical evaluations and prompts necessary treatments. The goal is to create a learning health system.

In another study, researchers assessed the ability of chatbots like ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 to answer specialized medical questions. The results showed that both models received high grades for accuracy, relevance, clarity, benefit, and completeness. However, GPT-4 scored higher in all criteria. The chatbots’ strength lies in their capacity to quickly access a wide array of medical data, enhancing physicians’ ability to make informed judgments in complex or uncommon medical scenarios.

A survey revealed that 64% of respondents would trust a diagnosis made by AI over a human doctor. This percentage increased among Gen Z, with four out of five individuals in this generation expressing trust in AI over physicians.

While AI is not ready to replace human physicians, it has the potential to augment their capabilities. AI systems can provide continuous monitoring and access to the latest medical information, complementing the work of healthcare professionals.

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