Beacon Hill Roll Call: Votes on Fiscal Supplemental Budget, Home Equity Theft, Economic Development Package, Clean Energy, and Housing Bills

Beacon Hill Roll Call recorded the votes of local representatives and senators on several key bills during the week of June 24-28.

The House approved a $540 million fiscal 2024 supplemental budget with a vote of 153-1. The budget includes funding for collective bargaining agreements, preparations for the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, tax abatements for veterans and the elderly, and child care and nutrition services. Rep. Marc Lombardo was the sole member who voted against the bill but did not provide a comment on his opposition.

In another vote, the House unanimously approved a measure banning home equity theft. The bill would prevent cities and towns from keeping all profits when foreclosing on properties for back property taxes. Instead, the city or town would only retain the amount owed in back taxes, with the remainder going to the property owner. The bill aims to protect homeowners and provide clarity to municipalities on tax lien procedures.

The House also passed a $3.4 billion economic development package with a vote of 155-2. The package includes investments and policy initiatives to support workers and businesses in industries such as life sciences, clean energy technology, and manufacturing. It also includes tax credits for various programs, including the Climatetech industry, theater productions, video game production, and hiring recent graduates.

On the Senate side, a climate legislation bill was approved with a vote of 38-2. The bill aims to make systemic changes to the state’s clean energy infrastructure and expand electric vehicle use. It includes provisions to lower utility rates for low- and middle-income consumers, consolidate clean energy siting and permitting processes, extend the state’s MOR-EV program for electric vehicle incentives, and modernize the bottle deposit system.

Additionally, the Senate unanimously approved a housing bill authorizing $5.4 billion in borrowing to promote housing production in Massachusetts. The bill includes funding for public housing repairs, affordable housing initiatives, green housing projects, and a process for sealing eviction records in certain cases.

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