CBS Poll Shows Decline in Voter Confidence in President Biden’s Cognitive Ability

A recent CBS poll reveals a decline in voter confidence in President Joe Biden’s cognitive ability following the first presidential debate of 2024. The poll asked voters about their perception of the candidates, including their cognitive health. The results show that the number of voters who believe President Biden has the cognitive ability to serve has dropped from 35 percent earlier this month to 27 percent after the debate. This marks the lowest number since CBS began asking this question in September of last year. Additionally, nearly three-quarters of all registered voters now believe that President Biden should not be running, and almost half of Democrats think he should not remain the nominee, which is an unusually high number for an incumbent who did not face a competitive primary.

The decline in voter confidence comes after President Biden’s performance in the debate was widely criticized for being meandering and hard to follow. Even some of his closest supporters acknowledged his slow start. The president went on damage control, emphasizing the importance of getting back up after being knocked down. However, critics outside of his fundraising events and leading newspapers called for him to step aside.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore, who is campaigning for President Biden, defended the president’s performance, stating that both candidates had a difficult night. He highlighted the president’s past achievements, such as record low unemployment rates and rising black wealth, as evidence of his ability to lead. Governor Moore acknowledged that the debate was not a great moment for the president but emphasized that his position on reproductive health and rights, including supporting Roe v. Wade, remains clear.

On the other hand, Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance, speaking from Cleveland, criticized the media for running interference on false claims made by former President Donald Trump during the debate. He pointed out that Mr. Trump falsely claimed that states are passing legislation to execute babies and that the speaker of the House turned down 10,000 soldiers he offered ahead of January 6. Senator Vance questioned why false claims were being made when Mr. Trump had a strong platform.

The CBS poll also indicated that fewer voters thought former President Trump was truthful compared to President Biden. However, the focus of the poll was on the decline in confidence in President Biden’s cognitive ability.

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