CK-12 Foundation Launches Flexi AI Tutor on WhatsApp in India

CK-12 Foundation, a leading non-profit educational platform, has announced the launch of its AI tutoring assistant, Flexi, on WhatsApp throughout India. Flexi, available in over 300 languages and dialects, aims to revolutionize the learning experience by combining CK-12’s expert curriculum with ChatGPT4. The AI tutor is designed to provide personalized assistance to students, offering features such as customized learning, adaptive quizzing, and study tips.

Flexi integrates seamlessly into WhatsApp, leveraging its popularity with over 400 million users in India. Students from all corners of the country can access the AI tutor, which utilizes advanced natural language processing algorithms to comprehend and respond to student messages. Flexi can assist with solving math problems, explaining concepts, and providing tailored support based on individual needs.

The machine learning capabilities of Flexi enable continuous improvement by analyzing student interactions and feedback. This allows the AI tutor to adapt its knowledge base and deliver more precise assistance over time, ensuring a personalized learning experience for each student.

CK-12 aims to make education more accessible and convenient for students in India through the launch of Flexi on WhatsApp. Students can add Flexi to their WhatsApp contacts using the provided number, and the AI tutor is also available on mobile, computer, and tablets at

CK-12 Foundation, founded in 2012, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving student learning outcomes by providing high-quality, free educational resources. Neeru Khosla, Executive Director and Founder of CK-12, has been instrumental in driving the organization’s mission to make education more equitable and accessible worldwide.

Neeru Khosla, born in Delhi, India, holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree from Stanford University and has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts to leverage technology for educational advancements. The launch of Flexi AI Tutor reflects her commitment to revolutionizing learning experiences through artificial intelligence.

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