Dell Introduces Latitude 13 7350 with Upgraded Features

Dell has unveiled the Latitude 13 7350, the successor to the Latitude 13 7340. The new model offers upgraded features, including the introduction of Meteor Lake-U options to replace the outgoing Raptor Lake-U series. The chassis design remains the same as its predecessor. The Latitude 13 7350 competes with other high-end business subnotebooks such as the Lenovo ThinkBook 13x, Framework Laptop 13.5, and HP EliteBook 1040 series. It is one of the few models still available in a 13.3-inch form factor, as larger sizes are becoming more common in this category.

The Latitude 13 7350 comes in both clamshell and convertible versions. The clamshell version features a fixed integrated graphics and 1200p resolution, while the convertible version, called the Latitude 13 7350 2-in-1, offers an exclusive 2560 x 1600 touchscreen. The Co-Pilot key on the keyboard distinguishes the Latitude 7350 from its predecessor, replacing the Ctrl key. Wireless capabilities have been upgraded to the Intel BE700 for Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 support.

The Latitude 13 7350 features a 5 MP webcam option, available on certain non-touch clamshell configurations, while all touchscreen options are limited to 2 MP webcams. The bottom panel of the laptop is easily serviceable, with accessible batteries, WAN slot, and M.2 storage slot. The laptop’s battery consists of 50 percent recycled cobalt, and the chassis is made from up to 90 percent recycled magnesium and 50 percent recycled aluminum.

The display of the Latitude 13 7350 remains the same as its predecessor, using the Chi Mei 133JCG panel. While it offers good colors and contrast levels for an IPS screen, it lacks support for high refresh rates and Windows VRR. The display does not come pre-calibrated, but calibrating it improves grayscale and color deltaE values.

Performance-wise, the Latitude 13 7350 with the Core Ultra 5 135U CPU offers a 20 to 25 percent multi-thread performance boost over the previous model. Upgrading to the Core Ultra 7 165U CPU is expected to increase performance by another 15 percent. The integrated Arc 4 graphics in the Latitude 7350 perform better than the older Xe Graphics G7 80 EUs or 96 EUs, but are not as powerful as the Arc 8 in Core Ultra H-series processors or the Radeon 680M/780M series.

The Latitude 13 7350 runs quietly, with fan noise remaining low under most conditions. Surface temperatures are similar to the previous model, with hot spots on the left half of the keyboard reaching over 35°C. The laptop offers long battery life, lasting over 15 hours of real-world WLAN browsing.

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