EnviroMetal Technologies Appoints Jason Leikam as CFO and Announces Board Resignations

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc., a leading provider of metal recovery solutions to gold miners, has made significant changes to its executive team and board of directors. Following a review by the British Columbia Securities Commission, the company has issued a press release to clarify its disclosure.

Effective June 1, 2024, Mr. Jason Leikam, previously the VP of Business Development, has been appointed as EnviroMetal’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by the board of directors. Mr. Leikam takes over from Nathalie Pillon, the former CFO who resigned for personal reasons on January 1, 2023. EnviroMetal’s President, Mr. Wayne Moorhouse, expressed his satisfaction with the appointment, stating that after an extensive interview process, Jason was the ideal candidate to assume the role of CFO alongside his existing responsibilities in business development.

In addition to the CFO appointment, EnviroMetal Technologies also announced the resignations of Mr. Court Anderson and Mr. Alexander Ruckdaeschel from the board of directors. The company expressed its gratitude to both individuals for their valuable service during the transition from e-waste processing to providing metal recovery solutions to gold miners.

EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of commercializing highly effective precious metal recovery technologies. The company’s proprietary non-cyanide, water-based, neutral pH, and closed-circuit treatment process has demonstrated its ability to extract precious metals from ores and concentrates at lab and pilot scale. This innovative approach offers operational and environmental advantages to gold mining companies, aligning with the industry’s growing focus on reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

EnviroMetal is actively engaged with mining companies seeking sustainable solutions for their operations. By providing efficient metal recovery technologies, the company aims to contribute to the industry’s efforts in reducing costs and environmental footprint.

For more information about EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. and its metal recovery solutions, please visit their website at https://EnviroMetal.com.

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