Family Urged to Bring in Own Search Team for Missing Teenager in Tenerife

The family of a missing teenager in Tenerife has been urged to bring in their own search team to aid in the search efforts. Spanish police recently called off their hunt for the 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer, leaving the family devastated and heartbroken. Despite the police ending their search, the family has vowed to remain in Tenerife until the teenager is found. Rachel Hargreaves, a close friend of Jay’s parents, is currently in Tenerife to assist in the search.

Jay Slater went missing on June 7 after a night out with friends. Spanish police appealed for volunteers to help search the area where he was last seen, but their efforts yielded no results. Former British police officer and TV sleuth Mark Williams-Thomas has advised the family to use funds from a GoFundMe appeal to bring in a large team of experts to conduct a search in the area.

The online fundraiser, set up by Jay’s friend Lucy Law, has raised nearly £44,000. TikTok star and amateur mountaineer Paul Arnott has also been assisting Jay’s family and plans to move the search to a new area. He has suggested the possibility of bringing in experts from Britain to aid in the search efforts.

Debbie Duncan, Jay’s mother, was informed about the police’s decision to stop searching before it was officially confirmed. Jay had been at a festival the night before he disappeared and was later seen leaving a holiday rental on foot. Police have determined that two older British men who drove him to the rental have no relevance to his disappearance.

Brad, Jay’s friend who was with him on the night he vanished, recalled a video call where he saw Jay slide down some rocks. However, Jay did not seem concerned, and they were both laughing during the call. The police have stated that if any new information comes in that merits a new search, it will be acted upon.

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