Halper Sadeh Investigates Fairness of Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure and Mobile Energy Rentals Merger

Halper Sadeh LLC, a leading investor rights law firm, has initiated an investigation into the merger between Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure, Inc. (NYSE: SOI) and Mobile Energy Rentals LLC to determine whether it is fair to Solaris shareholders. The proposed transaction includes a cash consideration of $60 million and the issuance of approximately 16.5 million shares of Solaris Class B common stock to Mobile Energy’s founders and management team, who will join Solaris after the closing.

The investigation by Halper Sadeh focuses on whether Solaris and its board complied with federal securities laws and fulfilled their fiduciary duties to shareholders. The law firm is examining whether Solaris obtained the best possible consideration for its shareholders and whether all material information necessary for shareholders to assess and value the merger consideration was disclosed.

Solaris shareholders are encouraged to learn more about their legal rights and options by visiting the Halper Sadeh website or contacting Daniel Sadeh or Zachary Halper at (212) 763-0060 or via email at sadeh@halpersadeh.com or zhalper@halpersadeh.com.

Halper Sadeh LLC, known for representing investors worldwide who have been victims of securities fraud and corporate misconduct, may seek increased consideration for Solaris shareholders, additional disclosures and information about the proposed transaction, or other relief and benefits on behalf of Solaris shareholders. The law firm operates on a contingent fee basis, ensuring that clients are not responsible for out-of-pocket payment of legal fees or expenses.

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure, Inc. is a reputable company operating in the oilfield services industry. The merger with Mobile Energy Rentals LLC presents an opportunity for Solaris to expand its capabilities and strengthen its position in the market. By joining forces with Mobile Energy’s experienced founders and management team, Solaris aims to enhance its offerings and provide even greater value to its customers.

Mobile Energy Rentals LLC, a company set to merge with Solaris, brings valuable expertise and resources to the table. The combination of Solaris and Mobile Energy Rentals is expected to create synergies that will benefit both companies and their stakeholders.

Halper Sadeh LLC’s investigation demonstrates their commitment to protecting the rights of shareholders and ensuring fairness in corporate transactions. The law firm has a track record of implementing corporate reforms and recovering substantial amounts of money on behalf of defrauded investors.

In conclusion, Halper Sadeh LLC’s investigation into the fairness of the Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure and Mobile Energy Rentals merger highlights the firm’s dedication to advocating for the best interests of shareholders. The merger presents an exciting opportunity for Solaris to expand its capabilities and provide enhanced value to its customers. Shareholders are encouraged to stay informed and explore their legal rights and options.

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