Iranian Sprinter Farzaneh Fasihi Prepares for Paris 2024 Olympics

Iranian sprinter Farzaneh Fasihi is gearing up for the Paris 2024 Olympics, where she will compete in her favorite event, the 100-meter sprint. Fasihi, known as Iran’s fastest female runner, has faced numerous challenges throughout her career but remains determined to succeed.

Born in Isfahan, Iran, Fasihi comes from an athletic family and credits her parents’ support for her success. After initially participating in gymnastics, she discovered her talent for sprinting in middle school, breaking the Isfahan provincial record.

Fasihi made her international debut in 2016, winning a silver medal in the 4×400-meter relay at the Asia Indoor Athletics Championship. However, due to limited support from the Iranian track and field federation, she temporarily left the sport and became a personal fitness trainer.

In late 2018, Fasihi decided to give competitive sprinting another try and married one of her coaches, Amir Hosseini. With Hosseini’s support, her career took off in 2020. She participated in the World Athletics Indoor Championships, setting a sensational entry record time of 7.29 seconds in the 60-meter sprint.

Fasihi’s outstanding performances continued in 2021, winning gold at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships with a time of 7.28 seconds in the 60-meter race. Her victory was marked by a protest against the treatment of women in Iran, as she declined to carry the Iranian flag and refused to sing the national anthem.

In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Fasihi competed in the 100-meter sprint, marking Iran’s return to the event after 57 years. Despite facing scrutiny over her hijab, she placed 50th and used the experience as motivation to improve in future competitions.

Fasihi’s ultimate goal is to compete on her own merit at the Paris 2024 Olympics, without relying on universality placement. Despite the challenges faced by elite female athletes in Iran, she remains committed to self-financing her training and securing sponsorships.

While acknowledging the investments made by countries like China, India, and Japan in sports, Fasihi highlights the disparity in resources across Asia. She believes in focusing on her own performance and aims to beat her own records at the upcoming Olympics.

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