Jill Biden’s Role in Joe Biden’s Campaign Draws Attention

Dr. Jill Biden’s involvement in her husband Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has come under scrutiny following his recent debate performance. Observers have noted her active role in the campaign, often overshadowing Joe Biden himself. Anthony Bernal, a close adviser to Dr. Biden, has been by her side during her solo campaign events.

Critics argue that Dr. Biden’s actions suggest a delusional belief that she can save the campaign, at the expense of her husband and the country. They point to instances where she has taken the lead, such as her interaction with French President Emmanuel Macron while Joe Biden appeared disoriented. Additionally, her participation in high-profile fundraisers has raised questions about her priorities.

However, it is important to note that Dr. Jill Biden’s aspirations to be the candidate do not align with the reality of the situation. Despite positive polling among suburban women, she is not seen as a viable candidate. Some critics even blame her for Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election and his refusal to step aside.

Furthermore, allegations have been made about the control that Dr. Biden and Anthony Bernal exert over Joe Biden, including limiting access to White House residence staff. These claims have fueled speculation about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, with some suggesting signs of sundowning, a symptom associated with dementia.

The Biden campaign has faced criticism for their handling of Joe Biden’s debate performance. Initially attributing his performance to a cold, they later stated that he is most effective between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., with verbal miscues and fatigue becoming more apparent outside of that time range.

While allegations of lying and dishonesty have been made against both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, supporters of Joe Biden argue that he is a more morally upright candidate. However, critics point to the Biden family’s own controversies, including Hunter Biden’s alleged drug addiction and involvement in questionable activities.

Ultimately, the impact of lies and deception on a nation is a concern raised by critics. They argue that habitual lying can lead to self-delusion and impair the ability to discern fact from fiction. The recent debate performance has brought these concerns to the forefront.

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