Knightscope Secures Three New Contracts for K1 Emergency Communication Devices

Knightscope, a leading robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on public safety, has recently announced three new contracts for its K1 Emergency Communication Devices (ECDs). These contracts will support public-safety programs in facilities located in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

In Virginia, Knightscope has partnered with a global tech company based in south Boston that specializes in sustainable energy solutions. The company has purchased its first solar-powered K1 Blue Light Tower, which will be installed in an employee parking lot to enhance safety.

To facilitate the initial sale, Knightscope has approved MSC Direct, an industrial equipment distributor, as its newest authorized partner. MSC Direct has added Knightscope as a vendor of emergency phones to their extensive list of suppliers. This collaboration is expected to open up numerous opportunities for the installation of ECDs in facilities across the United States.

In Pennsylvania, a crafts school located in Farmington is installing a K1 Call Box to supplement communications due to the lack of public cellular service in the area. The school has secured a grant through the state of Pennsylvania to help fund the optional satellite-based communication device. This device will ensure a reliable method of summoning assistance in times of need.

The third contract is with an electrical construction contractor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The contractor will be installing a K1 Blue Light Tower in a parking area and has also subscribed to the Knightscope Emergency Management System service (KEMS). KEMS sends immediate text and email notifications whenever a help button is pressed. The cloud-based application also provides automated daily email reports on the operational status of the system, maximizing its usability and performance.

Knightscope’s innovative technologies are aimed at improving public safety, with a long-term ambition to make the United States the safest country in the world.

For more information about Knightscope and its initiatives, please visit their website at

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