President Biden’s Reelection Campaign Raises $27 Million Following Debate Performance

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has announced that it raised $27 million in the aftermath of his debate performance against former President Donald Trump. The campaign spokesperson shared this information with CNBC on Saturday. In May, the Biden campaign, along with the Democrat National Convention, Biden PACs, and committees, raised a total of $85 million.

However, campaign finance filings with the Federal Election Commission revealed that Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $141 million in May, surpassing Biden’s longstanding cash advantage. The surge in donations came after Trump’s conviction on falsifying business records.

The recent debate performance by Biden has caused concern among Democrats, leading to a campaign push to reassure donors that Biden can still secure a Democratic victory in November. Critics widely praised Trump’s performance during the debate, highlighting his preparedness and clear-mindedness. Trump consistently criticized Biden on issues such as open border policies, migrant crime, increased costs, and foreign policy failures.

Biden acknowledged on Friday that Trump had an impact on him during the debate, admitting that he was not as agile or articulate as he used to be. However, he expressed determination to bounce back, stating that when one gets knocked down, they must get back up.

A recent poll conducted by American Impact Research/Fabrizio Lee/AARP indicated that Trump is leading Biden in Nevada, a state that has traditionally voted blue in presidential elections since 2008.

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