SBM Offshore and Technip Energies Form Joint Venture Ekwil to Accelerate Floating Offshore Wind Solutions

SBM Offshore and Technip Energies have officially launched Ekwil, a 50/50 joint venture dedicated to delivering series production Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) solutions. Ekwil aims to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy by offering a diverse range of FOW technologies to global energy customers. The joint venture combines the expertise of two industry leaders, SBM Offshore and Technip Energies, to drive progress in the renewable energy sector.

Ekwil will focus on commercializing two cutting-edge technologies: the Semi-submersible INO15 by T.ENTM and the Tension Leg Platform Float4WindTM by SBM Offshore. By bringing together these advanced solutions, Ekwil aims to cover a wide spectrum of the FOW market and accelerate the deployment of industrial solutions for the emerging Floating Offshore Wind sector.

Headquartered in France, Ekwil will leverage the knowledge and innovation capacities of a core team of 40 specialists. The joint venture will also benefit from the extensive resources and experience of SBM Offshore and Technip Energies for project execution. Severine Baudic, formerly Managing Director of New Energies & Services at SBM Offshore, has been appointed as the CEO of Ekwil, while Willy Gauttier, previously VP Floating Offshore Wind of Technip Energies, will serve as the COO.

Arnaud Pieton, CEO of Technip Energies, expressed his confidence in the joint venture, stating that Ekwil will accelerate the deployment of industrial solutions for the nascent Floating Offshore Wind market. He emphasized Technip Energies’ commitment to providing a diversified range of low-carbon solutions to support the global net-zero trajectory.

Øivind Tangen, CEO of SBM Offshore, highlighted the immense market potential of Floating Offshore Wind power and the importance of collaboration with Technip Energies to deliver optimal solutions. He believes that Ekwil will pioneer new standards in renewable energy and drive progress towards a net-zero future.

Severine Baudic, CEO of Ekwil, expressed her pride in leading a team that combines industry-leading expertise and solutions. She looks forward to working with SBM Offshore and Technip Energies to create a greener future for all.

The launch of Ekwil marks a significant step towards powering progress in the floating offshore wind market. With the joint venture’s focus on innovation and collaboration, it is poised to play a crucial role in the energy transition and contribute to a sustainable future.

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