South Africa’s President Appoints Cabinet for National Coalition Government

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the appointment of a new cabinet of ministers for the country’s first national coalition government. The cabinet includes six members from the Democratic Alliance (DA), which was previously the official opposition. Ramaphosa has retained key ministries, such as finance and defense, for his African National Congress (ANC) party.

Notably, Enoch Godongwana will return as the Finance Minister, a crucial position given the country’s challenging economic situation. The leader of the DA, whose name has not been mentioned, will assume the role of the new agriculture minister.

Ramaphosa emphasized that all parties involved in the coalition government have committed to upholding the constitution, promoting accountable and transparent governance, evidence-based policy-making, professionalizing the public service, and ensuring integrity and good governance.

The ANC was compelled to form a coalition government after failing to secure a simple majority in the May 29 election. The DA, as the second-largest party, agreed to form a coalition with the ANC and smaller parties, enabling Ramaphosa to continue leading Africa’s largest economy for another five years.

Negotiations between the ANC and the DA lasted for two weeks, with both parties striving to reach an agreement on the allocation of ministerial posts. At one point, the talks faltered due to the DA’s demand for a number of ministers proportionate to its share of the vote, potentially entitling the party to up to 11 posts.

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