StageZero Life Sciences Provides Update on Filing of Full Year 2023 Financials

StageZero Life Sciences, a leading integrated healthcare company, has announced an update on its progress towards filing the full year 2023 financials and associated documents. The company, which specializes in next-generation diagnostics and telehealth programs for early detection and management of cancer and chronic diseases, remains under a Failure to File Cease Trade Order (FFCTO).

In April 2024, StageZero Life Sciences had announced a delay in filing the 2023 year-end financials due to financial constraints preventing the full payment of auditors to complete the audit. The company has until July 8th to file its year-end financials and associated documents to meet the requirements set by the Ontario Securities Commission.

StageZero Life Sciences has made significant progress in completing the audit and is in the process of making full payment of the fees. Once the filing is complete by or before July 8, 2024, the company can apply for the revocation of the FFCTO. The FFCTO currently prohibits any trading of the company’s securities in Canada.

It is important to note that there is no other undisclosed material information concerning the company’s affairs as of the date of this press release.

StageZero Life Sciences is dedicated to improving early detection and management of cancer and other chronic diseases through its next-generation diagnostics and unique telehealth programs. The company’s flagship product, Aristotle®, is the first-ever mRNA multi-cancer panel that screens for multiple cancers from a single blood sample with high sensitivity and specificity. Aristotle® utilizes mRNA technology to identify molecular signatures of various cancer types.

The company’s Care Oncology Clinic offers a supervised treatment regimen, the COC Protocol, for individuals diagnosed with any type or stage of cancer. Developed by scientists and oncologists, the COC Protocol is designed to be administered alongside standard-of-care cancer therapy.

StageZero Life Sciences trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SZLS and on the OTCQB under the symbol SZLSF.

Investor Relations:
Name: Rebecca Greco
Phone: 1-855-420-7140 ext. 1838

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