Zedcor Inc. Grants 125,000 Restricted Share Units to Employee

Zedcor Inc., a Canadian technology-enabled company revolutionizing physical security services, has recently announced the granting of 125,000 Restricted Share Units (RSUs) to one of its employees. These RSUs were awarded in accordance with the company’s fixed 10% RSU/DSU plan and will expire three years from the date of grant. The vesting schedule for the RSUs stipulates that one third will vest on each of the first, second, and third anniversaries of the grant.

Zedcor Inc. operates across Canada, with equipment and service centers in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. The company has also expanded its operations to Texas, where it operates a MobileyeZTM assembly facility in Houston, along with equipment and service centers. Zedcor has plans to further expand its presence in Texas by the end of the year, with upcoming locations in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and West Texas.

The company offers three main service offerings to customers across all market segments. Firstly, Zedcor provides surveillance and live monitoring through its proprietary MobileyeZ security towers. These towers are equipped with high-resolution, technology-based cameras, enabling the monitoring of numerous fixed site locations for customers in various industries. The video captured by the security towers and fixed site locations is streamed to Zedcor’s central monitoring station, where video alarms are verified and responded to based on customer requirements.

Secondly, Zedcor offers surveillance and live monitoring of fixed site locations, providing an additional layer of security to businesses. Lastly, the company provides security personnel services, catering to enterprise-level customers who seek to supplement their video-based security systems with highly trained security guards for valuable, high-risk, or mission-critical operational assets.

Zedcor Inc. operates a fleet of over 950 proprietary MobileyeZTM security towers, showcasing its commitment to delivering advanced security solutions to its customers. With its innovative approach and state-of-the-art technology, Zedcor is transforming the way physical security services are provided to businesses.

For further information, please contact:
– Todd Ziniuk, President & Chief Executive Officer
Email: tziniuk@zedcor.com
Phone: 403-930-5430

– Amin Ladha, Chief Financial Officer
Email: aladha@zedcor.com
Phone: 403-930-5430

Zedcor Inc. continues to make strides in the industry, offering comprehensive security solutions and expanding its operations to better serve its customers.

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